Dolls Bassinet 'The Nook' – Nester and Cub content_copy
Dolls Bassinet 'The Nook'
Dolls Bassinet 'The Nook'
Dolls Bassinet 'The Nook'
Dolls Bassinet 'The Nook'
Dolls Bassinet 'The Nook'
Dolls Bassinet 'The Nook'
Nester and Cub

Dolls Bassinet 'The Nook'

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Classy, modern, sturdy and completely original.

This dolls bassinet has been designed to be used by your family for generations to come.  We envisage your children creating memories with it in a space fostering giggles, twirls, imagination and learning through pretend play.

All of our products are crafted from Australian Hoop Pine plywood that has been sustainably and ethically sourced. A flash of metal adds a modern touch to the design.

  • Unique and original design
  • Australian designed and made 
  • Made from sustainably sourced Australian plywood
  • Made with love

Dolls Basinet Dimensions:
W: 385mm L: 570mm H: 470mm            

Mattress Dimensions
W: 255mm L: 505mm H: 30mm

Orders are dispatched within one week.

All of our Nester and Cub products are made from timber products that are plantation grown and Responsible Wood Certified.  Click Here for our Sustainability Statement.

*Assembly required.

What people are saying about "The Nook" Dolls Bassinet:

"Well it’s wooden, wood lasts longer than plastic and can be passed down. I love the design on the end of the cot it’s stylish. It was better than I expected! The mattress and the base I expected to be more flimsy and not so sturdy.... I loved the “look” of the bassinet and not only is it a statement piece it’s the perfect play piece for both children.  I was impressed how the poles held the the base so it didn’t snap. I was thinking wow a real baby could sleep in this."
- Ashley Jennings

"The design and build quality is awesome. The size is perfect.  Sturdy as an Ox." - Samantha Walker